The Mascot Photo Album!

Here she is, our newest member of the family. She goes by many names: Fifi, Bebe, the Baby, Little One, Tweaks the Turbo-Charged Ferret, Princess Headbutt. But whatever her name, she's a handful.
Here's the Baby enjoying some Italian cuisine.
Here's Puck, our other couch commando, working her sniffer all around the house.
The leader of the opposing faction, Romeo can be seen here preparing to divebomb off of the fridge and onto any ferret enemies.
Finally, at the bottom of the food chain is Sega. A lover, not a fighter, Sega is usually seen in the 'flat on her back' position, waiting for scratchies and other affections.

On a sad note, Ohno passed away in July of 1999. We know he's swimming in the big raisin bowl in the sky, and we miss him lots.
Here he is taking a rest.