Concerto for Oboe and String Trio (1998)

I. Bold
II. Distant, Ghostlike
III. Rhythmic, Aggressive

This is a highly compact, energetic piece cast in 3 movements. The oboe frames the work with 2 cadenzas, one close to the beginning of the piece, the other just before the end of the third movement. Transitions are short, germ motives pervade, and the energy is always high. Whether in the terse outside movements or in the rustling yet lyrical middle movement, the piece is gripping and engaging.

The work is dedicated to Jonathan Kramer, a wonderful composer, teacher and friend.

Performance history:
10/98 - by Jacqueline Leclair, oboe; Laura Frautschi, violin; Harold Levin, viola; and John Whitfield, cello.
Miller Theatre, New York City.

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